The New Man’s second ride

So, I had my second date with “The New Guy” on Monday.  I remembered how to ride.

The Man, has his feeling hurt a little bit.  He is aware that he is not getting the attention he is used to.  He is kind of like my second husband.  He is capable of doing what I need him to do, he just lacks the work ethic to do it.  And doesn’t seem to understand that keeping his woman happy is important in his primary relationship and enables him to many extras.  Don’t get me wrong, I have learned a lot from “The Man”.  He came to me struggling to do a third-level test.  It took us 7 years, but we competed through Intermediaire II.  He has taught me a lot about riding and a lot about myself.  He came into my life when I needed a focus on my riding goals and needed some emotional support.  But now I need something else.

Anyway, the second date was so much better. We actually got some work done.  I found some buttons, some of his sensitive spots. And I learned that he has a sense of humor.  Like when I asked for a lead change, I asked a little too abruptly and he bucked. For those of you, non-horse people that is just his way of saying: “not so hard lady”.  He is also a snuggler and when he is getting his BEMER treatment he likes his head rubbed.

It felt so good to ride a horse who understands and is willing to do his job.  I actually rode him for almost an hour.  And didn’t even realize it.  In recent months 30 minutes has been painful with “The Man”.  Like when you are hanging out with friends and time flies.  But when you have to sit through those zoom meetings the clock barely moves. But I left “The Other Guy” feeling motivated and happy.  I am sure some of these feelings are just because the relationship is new and exciting but sometimes we need some excitement in our lives.

You see horses are a lot like people. Just because he is a nice horse doesn’t mean he is the right horse for you. You can own the most beautiful horse in the barn, but if he is not right for you, you are going to be miserable.   And the relationships we have with our horses are not much different than any other partnership.  We each have shared goals. And we each have to do our part. And work together.  And we have to be suited for each other. We, as riders are the thinkers and planners, while our horse is the muscle.  If you have to beg him to do his job, you won’t have the energy to do yours.  But you can learn from every relationship.  And every horse you ride makes you a better rider.  So, I am going to give this one a little bit of time and see how it goes.

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