how much should I charge to haul

How much should I charge for hauling

I am asked this question all the time.  How much should I charge to haul a client’s horse?

Or is it worth it to purchase my own truck and trailer?  Or should I just pay someone else to haul my horse?

As an instructor I take students and horses to horse shows about once per month.  In order to do this, I need a truck, a trailer, insurance, tires for truck, and tires for trailer.  In addition, there is upkeep on the truck, oil changes, brakes, windshield wipers, fuel etc.  There is also upkeep on my trailer.  And my time.  Yep, I am going to get paid for my time.

Here is an example of how to figure out what to charge. Plug in your own numbers and see where you are.

My truck cost approximately $45,000. It is not new, but I should be able to get about 200,000 miles on it.  $0.25 per miles

My trailer is new and cost $60,000.  Assuming I will also get 200,000on it. $0.30 cost per miles

The tire for my truck cost $125 each and should be able to get 70,000 miles before needing to be replaced. Cost for tires $0.01 per miles

Tires for my trailer cost $150 each and I should be able to get 10,000 miles out of them.  Cost per mile is $0.06

My truck needs an oil change every 5000 miles. An Oil change from my favorite diesel mechanic is $100 $0.02 per miles

My truck gets approximately 18 miles per gallon pulling the trailer and fuel is currently $3.00 per gallon.   $0.17 cents per mile

My minimum charge for lesson is $65 per hour. I drive about 65miles per hour.  So, my about $1.00per mile

Insurance for my truck and trailer is $2500 per year. I drive about 10,000 miles per year. $0.25 per mile.

So, my cost per mile is $2.06.  I have a four-horse trailer.  And I sometimes put 5 horses in it.  And I would not charge less than $2.00 per mile per horse.  I may charge more depending on the number of horses and if I want to do it. I also use a minimum charge sometimes. For example, we have a horse show facility less than 4 miles away. I am not hooking up the truck and trailer for $10.

There may be other cost that are not in this calculation.  Such as road side service. Shavings for the trailer.  Time to clean out the trailer.

As a horse owner hauling someone else’s horse, you need to make sure your insurance will cover the horse, if the horse is hurt or killed while in your custody.

Of course, if you are hauling professionally there may be license, inspections and other cost.  If you are hauling long distance, there is also the cost of layovers and meals.

I am sure there are cost that have slipped my mind.  But you get the idea of how you need to figure out what to charge.  Don’t just go by what someone else is charging.  If you aren’t making money you shouldn’t be doing it.

If you would like help calculating the cost of your services email me at or click the link below to schedule an initial consultation.

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